Powder coating is a dry form of liquid paint. The powder is applied with an electrostatic charge to a grounded substrate and cured in a bake oven. In the oven, the powder flows into a liquid and cross-links into a durable finish.


Liquid coatings have been used for hundreds of years on any type of substrate. They can be applied as a protective and/or decorative coating to almost any part. Liquid coatings offer numerous benefits.


Decoral System® today represents all over the world the leading company in wood, marble and fancy decorations on metals and materials suitable to resist temperatures of 200° C.


To better serve our customers, we offer a variety of services upon completion of painting or powder coating. Light assembly of finished components of cabinets, enclosures, and many other parts is a value added service we offer our customers.


The screen printing process uses porous mesh stretched tightly over a frame made of wood or metal. The mesh is made of porous fabric. A stencil is photo-chemically produced on the screen. The stencil defines the image to be printed.


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