Powder coating is a dry finishing process that was introduced to North American markets in the 1970s. Powder coating involves applying an electrostatically charged dry powder to unpainted parts.  The parts are typically metal, but powder coats can be selectively applied to other heat resistant substrates.  After the powder is applied, the parts are heated, which causes the powder to fuse into a durable skin.  Powder coating can be applied in many colors to enhance aesthetics and offers both corrosion protection and UV resistance.  Acme operates four powder coating lines.  Because of our significant infrastructure and systems, Acme can coat over a million high volume parts per day and can also coat parts up to 50 feet in length weighing up to ten tons.

Benefits of Powder Coating


Single coat applications produce thick durable coatings without runs or sags.


Most of the oversprayed material can be reclaimed and reused.


Textured appearances can be formulated into powder.


Powder coated parts have 100% of their performance attributes as soon as they have cooled.


Emits virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


Can be safely disposed of in landfills.

Acme operates four powder coating lines of varying sizes that can meet the needs of everyone from high volume manufacturers to producers of very large parts up to 50 feet in length.  Acme is proud to offer powder coating services to leading manufacturers of automotive, agricultural, construction, medical, home/commercial lighting, and numerous other products.

Acme also offers in house rack building capabilities.  In many cases, the construction of custom racks can result in significant efficiencies and cost reductions for customers.  The development of these in-house capabilities allows us to more quickly and cost effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Please contact us or request a quote to learn more about why we are the best choice for your powder coating needs.