Acme serves manufacturers throughout the Upper Midwest from its 110,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Elk Grove Village, an industrial hub just north of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. The plant is conveniently located adjacent to Interstate 90 and is outfitted with six dock doors and a separate loading bay to accommodate large volumes of parts.

Acme currently operates 7 separate production areas and has extensive liquid, powder, and decorative coating capabilities.  Acme’s state-of-the art facility boasts clean room technology that can be used for both liquid and powder coating.  In 1999, Acme expanded its facility to accommodate a large powder coating line that can produce powder coated parts up to 46 feet in length.  This line’s large window size—8 feet by four feet by 46 feet —has separated Acme from its competitors.  Acme also maintains a sizeable batch production area, which allows us to provide a variety of screen printing, assembly, and specialty production services to customers.

Acme has also pioneered the use of robotics in the custom coating industry.

Acme has developed a suite of proprietary software tools that are used to manage the company’s production, quoting, and quality assurance.  These systems exceed the capabilities of any off-the-shelf software programs and enable Acme to closely monitor quality and to manage the production flowing through the plant very efficiently.

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