Case Studies

Quality & Innovation: A manufacturer of high cosmetic motor vehicles and components couldn’t meet their own quality requirements and needed a new coater.

This manufacturer approached Acme when the launch of a new product line was facing delays because their internal coating operation could not deliver Class A finishes that met their quality expectations. Acme worked closely with the manufacturer and with coatings vendors to develop a process capable of delivering the quality level demanded by the manufacturer and their customer base. More importantly, Acme has been able to consistently meet these specifications thanks to its rigorous quality practices and processes.

Impact to customer: The manufacturer was able to launch their new product and satisfy their customer base.

High Volume & Large Parts: An existing customer needed to outsource liquid coating to reduce costly changeovers and free up capacity.

This customer, a manufacturer of steel tube, approached Acme after winning a large amount of new work. As they neared capacity, lengthy color changeovers that had once been a minor nuisance became very costly. The customer was hesitant to outsource the work because they had previously experienced quality issues related to flaking paint. Acme invested capital to develop an automated process capable of handling the large volumes of their non-standard tube colors and diameters. Acme also solved the quality issue through various experiments with paint manufacturers.

Impact to customer: Savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars through reduction of changeovers.

High Volume & Innovation: A Tier I automotive supplier and existing customer was seeking cost cutting measures as a response to their customer’s demand for price concessions.

This customer produces gaskets used on numerous OEM platforms. Acme had very little room to reduce the price on an already thin job, but we tried to find a solution and eventually considered automating production. Acme ultimately installed a robot and automated the painting for all of this customer’s work. The robot generated annual material savings of nearly $100,000 and labor savings of $150,000.

Impact to customer: Customer saved approximately $250,000 and kept their job.

Quality & Innovation: A Tier I automotive supplier and existing customer wanted to switch the finish on a wheel bearing from plating to powder coating in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

This customer sought to reduce their environmental footprint, but needed to maintain high corrosion resistance, as this particular part is located under the vehicle. They consulted with numerous coaters on this challenging project, which required complex masking and tight mil thickness. Acme was the only coater able to develop a solution, which involved automating the powder coating and developing an elaborate approach to hard masking the part. Part of the automation solution was constructing a custom production line to better serve the needs of this customer.

Impact to customer: Reduction of environmental impact without sacrificing quality.

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