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Decoral System – Acme Finishing Company, LLC



Since 2012, Acme has been a licensed applicator of the Decoral System, a revolutionary new decorative powder coating process.  With Decoral, authentic looking wood or stone patterns can be applied to raw metal through a combination of traditional powder coating and sublimation technology.  Decoral can resemble marble, deco wood grain and stone.  The Decoral process has numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:


Benefits of DECORAL


Provides an entirely new range of aesthetic options for powder coated products.


Decoral parts have the same corrosion resistance and UV resistance as any powder coated part.


The powder coating and Decoral processes contain no VOCs.


Powder coated products finished with Decoral can provide significant cost savings to the end users relative to the raw materials they are manufactured to simulate (i.e. wood, granite, marble, etc).

Acme is currently one of a select few of licensed Decoral applicators in the Midwest.  More information about Decoral is available at www.decoralamerica.com.  Acme is proud to provide decorative powder coating services to some of the leading manufacturers of architectural metal and outdoor building materials.

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